SWAT Team Invades Wrong House

SWAT Team Invades Home Without Warrant

                        A fight in a Jacksonville neighborhood that Resulted in a SWAT team response has left one of the neighbors angry, upset, and violated. Deborah Franz who lives [...]
Police Checkpoint

Officers Who Shot Innocent Women Return to Public Street Patrol.

Eight South-Californian police officers who mistakenly shot two innocent women during the hunt for a spree killer last February are returning to duty. The eight officers shot at the wrong pickup truck over 100 times, seriously injuring both [...]

NYPD Cop Breaks 10-Year-Old’s Leg for Filming Him

    The incident took place in January when several NYPD police officers from the 63rd Precinct entered Silvera’s house looking for her ex-boyfriend for violating a restraining order. Silvera’s elderly mother opened the door at [...]
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Officers Burn Man’s Genitals

                        The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is in the hot seat after LAPD officers are accused of using taser guns on the genitalia of 26-year-old Daniel [...]