About Us

MMD logo1 with white background 2 no words   MMD is a nonprofit organization designed to protect the public against the abuse of power by local, state, and national police agencies. This protection comes in multiple forms.

Our methods of protection are to: 1, inform the public of abusive practices against specific individuals and or groups by providing the details of each individual case and the participants involved. 2, to provide legal action on behalf of victims of police abuse against offending officers, police departments, districts, cities, counties, and states, up to and including federal officers and agencies when needed. This legal protection includes both criminal and civil prosecution of offending officers and agencies. 3, To push for legislation requiring change or adjustments to official policing policies, including pressing for the requirement of extended psychological examination of current and potential individual officers, increased departmental and individual diversity training, and the requirement that local police officers live within the geographic location in which they operate and serve as paid public official policing representatives of their specific communities.

We at MMD feel that by bringing each specific incident into the public light, pressuring legislation through petitioning and other forms of political action, and by providing proper legal protection for victims as well as pursuing both criminal justice against offending officers and agencies and providing financial compensation for victims via civil legal means we will be able to dramatically reduce instances of police brutality and abuse of power at the local, state, and national levels.

How it Works

1. Send us your stories, videos, and statements. Give us the details of the incident, names, location, and what happened.

2. Share the publication of your incident and others on our site with your connections if you like.

3. Utilize our petition application to demand changes in police practices where the incident occurred.

4. Donate to our cause to help provide legal protection to victims and the pursuit of criminal and or civil prosecution of offending officers and agencies. We also use donations to conduct the research and development of effective strategies designed to enhance cohesion between police officers/agencies and their serviced communities.

Remember, the more Officers are held accountable for their actions, both criminally and financially, the less likely they will be to offend in the future, especially when the financial costs to the individual Officer and or agency are too high to bear. It won’t take a lot. By bringing to light each instance of misconduct committed by officers and agencies and holding them accountable for it will ensure the freedoms granted to us by the Constitution of the United States will be upheld. The day will come when you will no longer have a sense of fear and dread when you see flashing red and blue lights in your rear view mirror.