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Public posts/stories

Post your stories and video with us! Send us your stories, videos, and pics of police brutality , misconduct, harassment, and abuse of of power and we will do our best to ensure that your voice is heard and that justice is served.  You can also click on the Public Posts/Stories link in the menu […]


Post your stories and videos with us!

Have a story of police misconduct to share, or an idea of how to alleviate it, go to the public posts/stories section found on the menu bar at the top of this page and post it!


Instances of Police Abuse

SWAT Team Invades Wrong House

SWAT Team Invades Home Without Warrant

                        A fight in a Jacksonville neighborhood that Resulted in a SWAT team response has left one of the neighbors angry, upset, and violated. Deborah Franz who lives across the street from the house where the altercation occurred said she, “was forced out of […]

Police Checkpoint

Officers Who Shot Innocent Women Return to Public Street Patrol.

Eight South-Californian police officers who mistakenly shot two innocent women during the hunt for a spree killer last February are returning to duty. The eight officers shot at the wrong pickup truck over 100 times, seriously injuring both women in the process. All eight officers will soon return to duty. When asked about the decision […]


Offending Officers at Large

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Current Cases

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Won Cases

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We Will Win Cases Against Corrupt Cops!

Keep tabs on us to see us drag corrupt officers kicking and screaming through the halls of justice.

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We WIll Win Cases Against Corrupt Cops!

Keep tabs on us to see us drag corrupt officers kicking and screaming through the halls of justice.


LAPD Cops Shoot & Kill Unarmed Homeless Man March 1, 2015

Another instance of Police Brutality in the USA. We can put an end to the misconduct, abuse, and brutality if we all join together and demand change. The Million Man Defense is dedicated to ending police brutality in this country once and for all. Join us in the fight. We want and need your support. Lets put an end to this!


Police in WA State Shoot Man Over 8 Times for Throwing Rocks

Yet another instance of police brutality in the United States. While this would seem like a headline in a Palestinian newspaper it actually happened in Washington State. Police shot the unarmed man over 8 times while his hands were up.








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